As the number of wholesalers, mail order suppliers, and online vendors continues to climb, more and more retailers are beginning to recognize that a powerful, appealing image in the marketplace is often the key factor that provides distinction from competing companies and generates greater revenue. CustomLounge provides range of digital solutions to the Retailers which helps them to stand out from the crowd. We also provide integrated control system into the retail venues which helps them not only with the look and feel of their shop but also retailers are being energy efficient by using their energy intelligently with help from our control systems.

Our Control System allows audio/video, security and environmental devices to be operated automatically, at the store level or across multiple properties. Additionally, the system can be customized to control a simple-to-use Touch Panel to instantly update advertising/marketing messaging and effectively manage the entire system. Our control systems can captivate the in-store shopper at the point-of-purchase and entice the passer-by with great-looking products and timely sales.

Retail chains desire unique digital-quality sights and sounds that appeal directly to a range of customers. Audio/video equipment, environmental controls and security systems can operate automatically and are easily managed by employees on-site, as needed. And, top-level managers have the option to monitor the system at one or multiple store locations, using the broad reach of the Internet, which ensures a consistent image at all times, from store to store.