Centrally monitored, managed and controlled architectural and interior lighting, thermostats, security, digital signage and distributed audio and video throughout the venue. Customlounge clever solutions are the first choice for hotels, casinos, restaurants, sports bars and nightclubs all over the world. Control devices and systems in the bar, restaurant, lobby, spa and gift shops from a central office. Offer the ultimate in personalized luxury with automated systems in Skyboxes, VIP Rooms or Penthouse Suites. Control AV, lighting and climate in ballrooms individually or combine rooms simply. The software generates reports to analyze room and device usage, runs remote diagnostics and schedules routine maintenance. CustomLounge provides the only completely integrated building operations and infrastructure management and control solution.

CustomLounge can automate and control virtually all facets of a luxury hotel including guest rooms, ballrooms / meeting rooms, pool, spa, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Hotel Room / Suite

More and more, guests are expecting the same experience or better in a hotel room that they would have in their own home. CustomLounge brings this experience to them with the ability to easily access services and to control their environment and various audio / video products in their hotel room or suite. Our wide range of Touch Panels, remote controls and lighting keypads can create this experience. Hotel restaurant menus can be converted to electronic menus displayed on the Touch Panels that allow guests to:
• View pictures of the menu offerings, choose their favorite side dishes and beverages, indicate how they want their food   prepared or even check nutritional information
• Select the meal delivery time
• Order hotel guest services like spa and sport court scheduling and activities, concierge / maid services and other services   provided by outside vendors (foodservice, purchasing tickets or retrieving schedules of event, daycare and other services)

Meeting / Conference Rooms

Our automation and control solutions maximize your communication experience in your meeting by enabling the automation and control of environmental controls like HVAC, window treatments, and lighting presets, and audio / video equipment like projectors and projection screens, DVDs and VCRs, microphones, cameras, speakers, and computers.
• Content can be distributed to the conference room or boardroom from various sources
• Electronic voting on Touch Panels can be incorporated for company decisions
• CustomLounge offers solutions to manage, monitor and protect a hotel owner's investment in electronics and schedules   meeting and conference rooms

Ballrooms and Event Halls

In ballrooms and event halls, it is important to manage the challenges that come with these large venues in hotels. CustomLounge can control and automate the lighting, HVAC, speakers, microphones, cameras, and other technologies in multiple areas or zones of a hotel ballroom or event hall.

Media Control Centers

Hotels can automate and control the process of content management and distribution of audio, video, and gaming content to hotel guest rooms or suites or other areas of a hotel.

Pool, Spa, and Fitness Centers

Clients can control the distribution of audio and video signals to displays or speakers, controls closed circuit security cameras, and information displays that bring guest safety and enjoyment to hotel guests in pool, spas, fitness centers, and any other activity venues of a hotel.