University and private hospitals, research labs and health science centres utilize audio/video technology to teach, collaborate and disseminate information. Our control solutions include audio and video distribution systems, multimedia processors, camera control, lighting and climate control. Create a state-of-the-art simulation lab, multi-room training environment, distance learning or telemedicine system. CustomLounge streamlines and simplifies sophisticated technology, placing total control at your fingertips from easy-to-use touchpanels, keypads or remotes so healthcare professionals can focus on patients and medicine. CustomLounge provides the control and automation hospitals need to reduce operating costs and deliver high quality care. We can play a critical role in the following hospital scenarios:

Children's Hospitals

CustomLounge helps children's hospitals create child-friendly environments, such as interactive computer and video game rooms, where children can go to escape the pressures of being in a hospital.

Direct Patient Care

In the complex environment of a modern hospital, our user friendly Touch Panels make life easier and more efficient for nurses, doctors, and other clinical staff, so that they can focus on caring for their patients.

Emergency Room Security/Safety

Integration controllers and Touch Panels provide total control of intruder security systems. Strategically placed CCTV cameras can relay ER visitors' images to security guard stations to help ensure a safe environment.

Facility Equipment Monitoring

We can help you monitor equipment throughout the hospital and reports, in real time, any disturbances in functionality by generating an email or phone call to the appropriate member(s) of the hospital's support staff. Administrators and technicians can also use a browser-based console to view the system status in real time from any location.

Medical Libraries

Our Touch Panels provide user-friendly interfaces to electronic medical libraries, making it easy for medical personnel to quickly locate the information they need.

Networked Campuses

A centrally located control system and Touch Panel can facilitate daily training, distance learning, department meetings, and public relation updates across multiple campuses.

Operating Room Carts

By wheeling in a portable operating room cart equipped with control systems and Touch Panels, a surgeon can share information with fellow doctors and students located in rooms throughout the hospital and other campuses.

Patient Records Management

Our Touch Panels located at the entrance of each hospital room can be programmed to link directly to internal databases, reading and delivering up-to-the-minute status reports on patient x-rays, medications, recovery progress, and more.

Remote Video Consultations

Our control systems can work in concert with audio conferencing and video conferencing systems to enable consultations with doctors in remote locations.

Research Communications

A centrally located control system and Touch Panel can facilitate cross-hospital communications of the latest research findings and medical discoveries.

Surgical Procedures Training

Portable operating room carts can be used to educate doctors and students in new surgical techniques.