Creating a control and automation system for government and military applications that yields tangible, reliable and secure results requires the efficiency, power and simplicity of our technology. Military personnel are relying more than ever on integration control to communicate orders rapidly, in the most situations, anywhere in the world. And when national security reaches the most critical levels, control and automation provides the means to deal with any threat. From airport baggage and security screening to military command centers.

The modern courtroom has rapidly evolved into an environment that incorporates computer-generated recreations, video taped depositions, audio recordings and more. Using integration technology from Customlounge ultimately gives the judge and jury further insight into each testimony and a better determination of the facts. Justice is served, at the touch of a button. Reliability of voting systems have become a point of public critique over recent years, and we offer voting and other electronic solutions that state and local authorities and voting committees can rely on.

Our technology offers government officials a one-touch solution to effectively manage audio/video sources and conferencing, data and multimedia communications, facility resources, as well as virtually any electronic or electrical system in place.