Lights, cameras, action. Simplify. CustomLounge offers entertainment facilities integrated control and automation solutions for a limitless number of video displays, audio systems, lighting scenes, environmental configurations, content management and delivery, and much more.

Sports Bars and Restaurants

Our products allow you to easily control and automate the audio and video programming in any size restaurant or sports bar. Create the ideal experience for customers with entertainment displays, video distribution, raising and lowering motorized display lifts, electronic menus, waiter/waitress call, interactive gaming, lighting presets and audio controls.

Museums and Movie Theaters

Let us provide the control and automation for museum and movie theater sights, sounds and interactive features so enjoyable that audiences of all ages are compelled to visit again and again.

Arenas, Stadiums, Concert Halls, Convention Centers, Amusement Parks, Cruise Ships

CustomLounge provides automation and control solutions to integrate a wide range of electronic devices like video displays, audio systems, lighting scenes and other environmental configurations. Set up pre-show/game, during the event, and post-show/game stages, performance areas, or exhibition areas including audio, video, lighting, HVAC and other environmental set-ups with pre-sets or direct control with the touch panels.

Shopping Malls and Fitness Centers

Shopping malls and fitness centers are continually looking for ways to attract and retain their customers. Our automation and control solutions can help you reach your customers with digital point-of-sale displays, informational kiosks, and with control of audio, video, and lighting to make enjoyable shopping and fitness experiences.