Turn your Panasonic 103” Plasma display into an interactive experience by simply attaching the world’s biggest touch screen over the front of your display.

Create stunning interactive images for events, presentations and exhibition stands.

The single touch or multi touch systems are integrated in a custom made frame, which is retro-fitted over the 103” plasma panel, using infra-red or optical sensing technology to create an incredibly accurate touch screen display.

The revolutionary multi-touch system allows the user to physically interact with their digital content such as photos, videos, google maps and corporate information. Users can use multi-touch points to drag and drop content, resize it with their fingers and rapidly switch between sources. The 103” touchscreen has already been used to create a touch screen air hockey game, stunning product launches and event floorplans.

Each touchscreen does not interfere with the aesthetics of the screen, being retrofitted to the screen’s bezel which means the anti-glare model still works at its optimum level.