Designed specifically for video wall applications, with ultra slim profile and energy savings, Sharps 60” LCD monitor offers the world slimmest bezel available in a professional LCD application.

With a bezel width measuring a mere 6.5mm, Sharp’s impressive 60inch screen produces an almost seamless overall picture. Screens can be configured vertically or horizontally forming a single, smooth surface for signage and commercial display applications.

Equipped with ultra luminous LED backlight and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, the screen has uniform light distribution and particularly vibrant colours that, with only one remote, users can control all screens simultaneously.

The monitors are equipped with HDMI input, VGA port and RS232 port to enable a wide range of customer applications. The monitor also has an optional expansion board for additional input and output connections such as s-video, component video, DVI and Ethernet control, and Custom Lounge fits this as standard to all rental screens.

Ideal for large scale installations at trade shows, function rooms, digital signage and advertising, the Sharp 60” screen boasts superior eye catching colour and picture quality with no drop off in brightness towards the edges. The screen’s size allows larger video walls to be created using fewer panels so a 13’ x7’ wall would use just nine monitors whereas it would require 16 competitive screens to product the same. Consequently Sharp’s screens lower installation time and costs, have increased energy efficiency and lower operating costs.

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