CustomLounge have a team of on site engineers who specialise in supporting clients where required. Whether the task is to deliver a 103” Plasma into position for an awards set to be built around or to build an Infinite Plasma wall, our team behave as part of your team and offer technical support throughout the project.

Site surveys are vital for the 152”, 108” and 103” screens to ensure access is possible and our team provides this service to support the integration of these large screen technologies.

Talk through your project with the rental team on 0845 308 2473 and we’ll be happy to provide advice on any services you need to think about. Alternatively, you can also email us on

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We have demonstration facility located in Reading to give our clients the chance to see the whole product portfolio in action. This allows you to have access to the screens prior to the go live date to test content, choose the right product for the project or showcase your ideas to your stakeholders.

We are the only custom installation company in the UK with such a comprehensive range of flat panels available for viewing side by side including Panasonic range of 85”, 103” and 152” Plasma screens.

To book a demonstration, contact the rental desk on 0845 308 2473 or email


We offer a full delivery and collection service to suit each client. Dedicated timed deliveries can be made to your offices or straight to site, giving you the ability to specify times and places convenient to you.

We are constantly investing in equipment to make our service better, and the products easier for our clients to use, install and transport. This includes a specially designed van which can transport the 108” LCD very cost effectively, as well as being able to hold up to two 103” Plasmas with a time efficient winch system for easy screen loading requiring minimal manpower.

We have a cost effective geographical coverage throughout the UK, and a comprehensive transportation network means we can ship products anywhere in the world to suit your project.

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We offer technical support for every stage of your hire, from specification through to providing highly trained onsite engineers for each product, ensuring smooth integration into our client’s projects.

Our technical support service also includes a 24/7 technical support line.

We understand on-site demands, such as cable runs, space restrictions and time constraints, as well as offering technical support for content creation and specification planning.

The technical support includes a site survey service for new venues, to plan the project and ensure the specification of the project is in line with the product’s abilities.