The 3D experience created on this large scale has to be seen to be believed, and with a suite of bespoke accessories provided with the 103” 3D Panasonic Plasma, Custom Lounge will ensure you have everything you need to create the perfect 3D experience at your event.

The 103” 3D Professional Display offers a stunning picture quality and high resolution image reproduction, creating a highly immersive 3D viewing experience.

Using Active 3D technology, viewers wear active shutter glasses triggered by an infra-red imager built in to the screen bezel. This technology sends clear full HD resolution images to each eye.

The 103” plasmas offer full HD resolution producing crystal clear images on a large scale. This product is perfect for creating a high impact, interactive viewing experience at events, exhibitions and in other live events environments, where incredible image quality is vital to the viewing experience.

The 103” 3D Panasonic Plasma is available from Custom Lounge with bespoke accessories including the Screenlifter and a set of active 3D glasses.

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