Our Approach

We take a very considered and professional approach towards our projects.


Upon acceptance of the high level design with the quote, we will use a professional design tool like Stardraw or Autodesk to provide you a detailed design for your project.

The detail design will include the distribution of cables, all AV equipments and rack placement.

Once this detailed design is approved, the project scope will be locked and any subsequent changes will be via change request.

Proof of Concept Go to Top

If necessary, we will test the solution at this stage in a remote environment to ensure it will deliver to our client’s requirements before we proceed.


The project will be planned and deployed in different phases keeping the customers informed in all phases with regular reporting.

All AV equipments, switches and wiring etc will be sourced at this stage to get the site ready for implementation.

Implementation / Installation Go to Top

The installation will consist of 2 stages:

1. First fix – wiring, running cat5/6/fibre, racks installation etc

2. Second fix – Mounting of AV equipments, Load controllers, wall key pads, integrated control and testing

Commissioning / Programming

Once all the devices are installed, we will programme your devices to work in synchronisation with each other so you can control them via your integrated control system. We will also customise the functionalities how you would want them to work e.g. Home Cinema button will dim the lighting or initiate mood lighting, bring down the projection screen, fire up your projector and ready to play your favourite movies from your media server or simply an ‘All Off’ button which will switch off all the lights in your house (may be except Porch) and activate the Security Alarm.

You tell us what you want to do with that push of a button and we will programme it for you!