Mitsubishi's IDT4 LED system is a market leader for ultra-high resolution rental LED performance, delivering seamless images with fast, easy installation. IDT4 features 3-in-1 LEDs at a true 4.00mm pitch, delivering a physical resolution of 62,487 pixels per square metre. This is the perfect product for stage backdrops, high ambient light environments and producing ultra-bright graphical images on a large scale. With minimum viewing distance reduced to just 1 metre, IDT4 also offers extremely wide viewing angles with none of the severe colour shift seen in other systems.

Each module is 768mm (h) x 512mm (w) x 210mm deep and weighs less than 30kg. Mitsubishi's unique Colour Space Conversion - which allows chromaticity and luminance to be adjusted independently - provides excellent, natural colour rendition, and is combined with the true black and resulting high contrast to stunning effect. Brightness is adjustable up to 1500cd/m² ensuring excellent clarity and contrast in all lighting conditions. The mechanical design integrates both the display and supporting structure elements within the same component meaning that modules can be assembled quickly and easily, with none of the alignment problems sometimes found with other high-resolution LED screen systems. Custom Lounge also offers full technical support for the screens, providing on site rig and de-rig.

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