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Experience luxury. The extravagant appointments of cutting edge private transportation – buses, yachts, automobiles and other high-end vehicles - demand leading edge technology. While on the road, simply touch a button on the Touch Panel to turn off music and video monitors to make an important call. While sailing on your yacht, create a romantic setting by lighting the fireplace, dimming the lights, and selecting soothing background music – all from the touch of a button.

Create a memorable image. Whether you are entertaining business partners or hosting family and guests, one-touch control sets an unmatched standard of comfort and luxury. Rather than struggle to maintain a sense of professionalism and convenience during a brief meeting, you can trust our partners to showcase your willingness to embrace cutting edge technology. Instead of dealing with a variety of electronics in an effort to watch a movie and listen to music, your friends will be amazed at the simplicity and convenience of navigating a single Touch Panel.

One touch does it all. Place yourself on a yacht, recreational vehicle or other custom designed mode of transportation fully appointed with integrated control technology. Take your Touch Panel in hand to order drinks, cover and uncover the pool, or activate surveillance cameras. The rich life you deserve is just a touch away with our partner’s technology – setting an unmatched standard for comfort and luxury.