Interior Designer

We understand that when the designers undertake new build or renovation projects then there are projects where you need to blend your design with technology e.g. a discrete plasma installation disguised under the scenery.

We specialise in bespoke high-end installations but we work on projects at all levels to suit your budget and needs.

Smart Automation Technologies in Homes and Commercial buildings is being regularly installed due to the convenience and benefits provided by the automation technology.

We keep up with the latest Audio Video equipments and latest Automation Technology so you can be assured that only the latest technology will be installed for your clients.

We offer no obligation detailed quotes to your end customers on your behalf with the basic CAD diagram so they know what AV equipments are going where and how will they benefit from the technology.

We are happy to deal with your customers directly on your behalf either face to face or over the phone to answer any technical questions. Or, you can simply send our questionnaire to your end customer and we can come back to you with a quote within 24 hours in most cases after we have received the completed questionnaire.

A standard Smart Home within a budget is what you will need when you are working with the construction companies and property developers. We have a standard solution that provides basic automation and security to the homes being developed. We always provide prospective home owner with the relevant operation manuals and support when needed to ensure they get the maximum out of their investment. In addition, all our solutions are scalable so end customers can scale up their installation anytime with us.

We are also happy to meet your customers face to face to discuss the solutions they want and answer any technical questions they might have. We listen to your clients and offer them the best possible scalable solution as a part of our consultancy. We will also arrange a site visit with your client to ensure that the site is fit for purpose and acoustically sound.

For all the installations involving Audio Video, we partner with the ISF ( and HAA ( certified professional calibrators to ensure that your clients get the maximum performance out of their AV equipments.

Once your clients are happy with our Initial meeting and we have the project requirements, we will follow up with a detailed CAD diagram so they are aware of the wiring structure, racks location etc and the entire scope of the project. We can even provide virtual 3D Walkthroughs at this stage for a little cost which is refundable against the project cost!

At this stage, we will breakdown the costs for each work giving flexibility to your clients if they choose to exclude anything at this stage or perhaps replace it with something they really want. Depending on the size of the project, we will also assign a dedicated Project Manager for your project.

Professional Project Management!
All major projects are led by experienced Prince2TM accredited Project Manager which is regulated by The Office of Government Commerce ( PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a process-based method for effective project management.

All deliverables are quality assured and a regular reporting is provided for the project throughout the project lifecycle.

Implementation / Installation The installation will consist of 2 stages:
1. First fix – wiring, led installation etc
2. Second fix – Mounting of AV equipments, Load controllers, wall key pads, integrated control and testing

Commissioning / Programming
Once all the devices are installed, we will programme your devices to work in synchronisation with each other so you can control them via your integrated control system. We will also customise the functionalities how you would want them to work e.g. Home Cinema button will dim the lighting or initiate mood lighting, bring down the projection screen, fire up your projector and ready to play your favourite movies from your media server or simply an ‘All Off’ button which will switch off all the lights in your house (may be except Porch) and activate the Security Alarm.

You tell us what you want to do with that push of a button and we will programme it for you!

We provide full handover to your end clients and also provide onsite training to ensure they are fully comfortable with the technology we have installed.

For Property developers, we create a handover folder, which will consist of the CAD drawing, operating manuals and instructions etc for the prospective home owner. They will of course have our contact details so they can contact us when they move in and we can provide onsite training.

Support and Guarantee
Our custom installation work is fully guaranteed for 2 years and the equipments we supply have the guarantee of 1 to 10 years dependent on the manufacturer and type of equipment. We backup all the programming we do for all our projects and in most cases we can provide remote support. We will also provide full back up in any unfortunate situation and restore all programs for your client on their remotes and keypads as they were.

We are keen to do an outstanding job for your clients and grow with your partnership. We rely heavily on referrals so please spread the word if you are happy with our services.