Intelligent Lighting Control
Intelligent Lighting Control

The foundation of any smart home system is lighting control – it’s the logical backbone to which everything else is connected.

A simple lighting control system gives you the power to completely transform your environment – create a mood to suit any occasion, define and highlight features, show off your home in its best light…all at the touch of a button.

Life is all about growth and your needs may change over time. The modular ‘building block’ approach by CustomLounge lets you add components as, and when, you require.

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Remote Lighting Control

There’s no doubt your most valuable asset is your family, but your possessions are worth protecting too, regardless of whether you’re home or away. Integration with your security system provides added precautions, such as interior, exterior and garden lighting turning to ‘full’ when the alarm signals a disturbance. While you’re away enjoying a hard-earned break, run a lighting pattern that creates a lived-in look, further deterring unwanted intruders.

At home, give your family peace of mind by creating a reassuring path of light, to make late-night visits to the bathroom less daunting.

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Energy Saving Lighting

Don’t waste energy when you’re not at home…shut down the whole house in one simple action. Activate the ‘Goodbye’ setting as you leave and turn off lighting, air conditioning, sprinklers – in fact, anything you decide.

Your home is as individual as you and the way you live should be determined by you, not by the system.

The beauty of the Lighting solution installed by CustomLounge is its flexibility – that all settings are customized to meet your needs, as simple or intricate as you like.

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Lighting Control Systems

Bring Hollywood home…integrate with your home theatre components to provide the full cinema experience in your living room. In one easy step you can lower the projection screen, close motorised curtains or blinds, turn on the projector and dim the lights.

Total control at your fingertips!

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The unique thing about hiring us for your Lighting project is that we can customize the panel to whatever design you want, all we need is a jpeg picture and we will get the patch panel uniquely designed for you.

We can also make a panel on any material, and it can be even engraved in marbles and granite!

Although this feature is usually used by Interior Designers to match their décor but there is nothing stopping the Home Owners from customizing their panels with a family photo or their kids, or perhaps your favourite football / rugby club!