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Whole Home Automation

Our home automation systems do not include only audio and video controls. We dedicate ourselves to making your life easier. CustomLounge offer whole home automation, multiroom audio video distribution (you could watch your favourite show while having a bath!), multiroom audio (you could play your favourite song on your laptop and listen to it through the speakers in your kitchen while getting ready for your guests to arrive), integrated controls system where you can be in command of virtually any room of your house, regardless of your current location (turn off your microwave, stove, close the garage door, from anywhere in the house). If you’d like to have your existing plasma LCD hidden when not in use, we can replace it with another piece of art or slide a cover and make it disappear. We can even install a television which will turn into a mirror when not in use!

Intercom Communications CustomLounge provides sophisticated intercom functions that are fully integrated with their audio system components.

HVAC Systems

Your systems can monitor and control a wide range of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system functions. Our products allow a homeowner to custom-tailor the climate for the home theater separately from the rest of the home.

Automated Window Treatments

Your Touch Panel can be used to automatically close home theater draperies or other window treatments.

Remote Access to Your Home

Homeowners can access their residences remotely over the Internet to communicate directly with their home control technology. This is especially beneficial when residences are across the country or across the world.

Pre-programmed Activities

A control system can automatically activate certain pre-programmed events to occur according to the homeowner's schedule. For example, as the homeowner approaches the front door, the control system can automatically turn on the exterior and interior lights, tune the television to a favourite channel, and adjust the heating or air conditioning to the preferred level.

Energy Efficient Settings

Homeowners can create a comfortable environment and help reduce their energy costs by using our control systems to manage their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Pre-programmed system settings can even be used to make sure appropriate temperatures are maintained according to time of day or room usage.

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