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Flexible Finance Options

Customlounge UK is delighted to introduce our fully independent finance partner Plus Finance.

As specialists in the IT industry and already supporting in excess of 1500 customers like you, Plus Finance have over 10 years’ experience in delivering lease finance solutions.

Their continued success had been based on transacting business on an ethical basis. Testament to this is their customer retention rate of over 85%.

• 100% tax allowance

• Overcome budget limitations

• Ability to include all AV and IT equipments

Cash v Lease Illustration

Leasing is often more cost effective than paying cash.

If your organisation is considering making an investment, leasing rather than paying cash should always be considered because leasing can be more cost effective for you in the long run. Fundamentally, leasing allows you to spread the cost of depreciating assets over time and match more evenly the costs to the return on that investment.

You may also be able to enhance your benefits by offsetting your lease payments against tax which, subject to your tax position, could be a significant saving compared to paying cash.


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