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Create the ideal experience for customers using Touch Panels to control and automate control of entertainment displays, distributing audio or video, HVAC and lighting control to various areas of a restaurant or nightclub. At night or at various times throughout the day, control lighting presets or set up areas of a restaurant or nightclub like entertainment stages or karaoke areas, and audio / video entertainment.

CustomLounge is an approved partner of E-table, so we can give an even better experience in your hotels / restaurants where your customers can browse the menu on the table by using the patented Interactive Restaurant Ordering System using overhead projection. E-Table™ financial tool helps you estimate your potential ROI which is approx 30% for the restaurants currently using E-table.

As well as creating a unique aesthetic quality and ambience, the E-Table™ interactive ordering system can provide improved efficiency in dealing with customers, with the potential to reduce staff costs, turnaround covers faster, and increase customer spend.

There are numerous benefits to using an E-Table™ interactive ordering system such as a real wow factor, even happier customers, more revenue and more profit.

E-Table interactive ordering systems mean the quality and efficiency of dining service will never be the same again.


• inamo™, the first restaurant to use the E-Table, is a huge success. The high quality Asian cuisine and unique E-table   interactive system have made it an essential dining destination in London.
• Huge publicity has been generated including over 30 TV features from around the world and 600 published articles.
• The E-Table system can help a restaurant to stand out from the crowd and become a must visit venue.
• Positive publicity and word of mouth recommendations can have a major impact in enhancing a restaurant’s brand.
• Being the first restaurant in a city using an E-Table interactive ordering system could give a restaurant a significant business   advantage.


• Customers really like being in control of the ordering system.
• Customers like the faster service they get.
• No more waiting to catch the waiters eye.
• They order more.
• Another order is just a click away.
• They bring their friends.
• They bring their kids.
• Anyone from 5 to 105 year olds can operate the intuitively easy to use system.
• inamo™ gets a much than average number of return customers.


• Higher numbers of table turns can be achieved, as customers order and request their bills more quickly.
• The novelty and high customer satisfaction results in repeat bookings and word of mouth recommendations.
• We estimate an increase of 10% in the numbers of covers as a result of an E-Table™ system.


• Customers order more as it is so easy to order.
• Another order is just a click away.
• Customers are more likely to order items with the attractive descriptions and prompts.
• Impulse purchases are encouraged.
• We estimate e a minimum 5% increase in customer spend can be expected.


• As guests place their own orders, waiting staff numbers can be reduced.
• The waiting staff like the system as it is so much simpler and more efficient.
• Waiting staff can spend more time making sure their guests are happy rather than managing the ordering process.
• Waiting staff turnover can be reduced.
• Kitchen staff costs can also be reduced, depending on how the restaurant chooses to operate.
• We estimate the system may result in a 30% reduction in waiting staff costs whilst maintaining the same if not better levels of service.


• The restaurant management can dynamically influence which dishes are ordered as customers are more likely to order from the first 5-10 option presented. This can be used to promote high value, high margin, and high stock items.
• The system can be seamlessly integrated with the Point of Sales System.
• You could even use the E-Table platform to sell advertising space.
• The systems give you the chance to maximise your digital relationship with your clients.

Here is the financial model that can be used to demonstrate the potential return on investment from using an E-table Interactive Ordering system.

The example here is for a 100 seat restaurant with an average spend per diner of £40. As you can see on this basis, a restaurateur could save significant sums of money in the first year of operation.

All opportunities for the licensing or sale of Compurants products remain subject to contract until formal legal documentation is signed. No right or licence, express or implied, is granted to any intellectual property owned by Compurants. E-Table ™ and Inamo ™ are trade marks of Compurants Limited and may not be used without written consent.
Potential costs savings and efficiencies are based on experiences of Compurants Ltd at Inamo™. However, no warranties or representations are given or made as to the efficiencies, cost reductions, turnarounds, or customer spend that might be achieved by any licensee.


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