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Energy Management Systems

A sophisticated lighting control system can provide significant cost savings. A variety of control methods present a solution to suit any setting, ensuring that energy is not consumed unnecessarily, while providing the user with complete flexibility and control over their environment. For more information, download our Office Lighting Energy Management brochure below. Philips Dynalite automation solutions are found in a multitude of environments from office towers to scientific laboratories, to sports fields and stadiums. You can also call us on 08453082473 and one of our friendly staff members will talk you through the benefits of Energy management systems!

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Lutron commercial smart grid solutions allow a facility to respond to load shed requests automatically, or at the touch of a button.


Commercial Smart Grid Solutions

Lutron commercial smart grid solutions allow a facility to respond to load shed requests automatically, or at the touch of a button.

What is the Smart Grid

The smart grid is the modernization of the electricity supply system. It monitors, protects, and automatically optimizes the operation of its interconnected elements in order to guarantee the supply of electricity. Consumers of electricity are asked to reduce their consumption (shed load) at critical periods, and receive financial incentives for doing so.

Lutron smart grid solutions contain load shedding software that can easily reduce the lighting load to a pre-programmed level either at the touch of a button or via an automatic command. Lighting is an ideal choice for load shedding because it consumes a substantial amount of electricity, and because, unlike other systems, power reductions can be implemented gradually, so that they go unnoticed by the occupants in a building.

Benefits of Commercial Smart Grid Solutions

• Receive financial incentives from demand response programs and by managing peak demand
• Use less energy and spend less money
• Reduce building electrical usage at critical periods to prevent grid instability, blackouts and critical peak charges
• Reduce load at the touch of a button or automatically without having to dispatch the maintenance team to manually turn off loads
• Shed electric load without disturbing the occupants of a space
• Help stabilize local community energy prices
• Take advantage of additional government incentives
• Avoid excessive peak charges

How it Works

The smart grid is an automated electric power system that monitors and controls grid activities, ensuring the two-way flow of electricity and information between power plants and consumers—and all points in between. Up and down the electric power system, the smart grid will generate billions of data points from thousands of system devices and hundreds of thousands of consumers.

What makes this grid “smart” is the ability to sense, monitor, and, in some cases, control (automatically or remotely) how the system operates or behaves under a given set of conditions. In its most basic form, implementation of a smarter grid is adding intelligence to all areas of the electric power system to optimize our use of electricity.

Whole Building Solutions

Most buildings today are over-lit because light levels are set higher than appropriate for the space, or spaces are lit even when they are unoccupied. This wastes energy, creates discomfort, and reduces productivity. Make your building work harder for you by adding intelligent, energy-efficient light control. Lutron provides flexible, scalable systems that can fully integrate lighting, shading, and sensors for maximum energy savings. These solutions can be easily designed, installed and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your building.



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