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Integrated Control & Automation

Working closely with Home Owners, Real-Estate Developers, Architects, Interior Designers, Facilities Managers and other construction professionals, CustomLounge integrates and maintains world-class Technology Solutions for all forms of Lifestyle, Leisure and Business Applications.

Whether it is a boardroom, Lecture theatres or simply your high tech office, we offer technologies that will enable all personnel within your corporate or educational building to interact with each other at a click of a button!

From a massive hotel complex in London to a sports bar in the center of New York, every business needs a “control freak.” After all, there are raw materials, your budget, and a planet to save. CustomLounge can answer every question you have around commercial control, whether you’re looking for a robust system to support an expansive building or just a room within it.

On top of automating lights, shades, music, video, HVAC, security and energy, CustomLounge also gives you the ability to control it all from a secure, back-end system. Better still, it’s not just affordable—it’s intelligent!

Because our commercial solutions can easily integrate with your existing business networks and enable communication between devices from virtually any manufacturer, we ensure that you experience bottom-line benefits sooner rather than later.

High end Boardroom Installations

We can integrate your boardroom and provide ‘total control’ to the meeting chair person which includes blinds, climate / HVAC and ofcourse total AV control. Each meeting attendee will also have access to ports to share their presentation for instance or mini microphones to express their opinions during a conference call.

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Chairperson will also have access to dimmers and other total light control so they can control lighting during the presentation or it can be set at a preset level by us. Dimmers and sensors play a major part in saving energy for all commercial clients. Dimmers can present the lights at 60% which increases your lamp life as well energy efficient.

Sensors will automatically sense the room and if they will not detect anyone then all systems etc can be turned off.

We also specialize in installing Philips Dynalite’s PIR infrared sensor which can match the weather outside to the room environment so the lightest nearest to the window is at lowest dimming level and the furthest window with highest dimmable light, all done automatically, saving thousands of pounds every year for your business!

Video Conferencing – with a touch of a button!

CustomLounge partners with the leaders in the Video Conferencing industry – LifeSize®.

As the pioneer of high definition video communications, LifeSize® understands how companies connect. We’ve learned that interaction is the lifeblood of all businesses. But for any large enterprise with teams, clients and products in multiple locations, it’s impossible to be everywhere you need to be.

Remote communication has become a way of life for today's enterprises. Whether the goal is time to market, access to subject-matter experts, or efficient decision making, video conferencing is rapidly becoming the norm, and for good reason. It is a smarter, timelier, and more cost-effective approach than business travel.

However, when video conferencing isn’t at it’s best, it is more painful than productive. Poor audio and video quality and less than optimal bandwidth are distracting. Which is why, from the company’s inception, LifeSize has only provided the highest quality HD available.

The Best Keeps Getting Better

LifeSize continues to revolutionize HD video communication with the highest quality products in the industry. But we don’t stop there. LifeSize products are also unparalleled in such important features as ease of use, flexibility, price performance, and security. With LifeSize® Room™, enterprise customers enjoy:

• Full HD video and audio, integrated data sharing and extensive I/O designed to meet the collaboration requirements of any organization – in meeting rooms, board rooms, or anywhere you need premium class audio and video.
• The industry’s first embedded HD MCU that allows you to connect with up to 8 locations at once, sharing data, documents, videos, and more.
• Secure environments inside and beyond company walls – standards-based, end-to-end security methods to deliver the ultimate high quality, secure communication.
• LifeSize® Phone™ – the best audio component available, with 16 always-on microphones that deliver 2X the room coverage and 10X lower distortion from outside noise.
• The ability to experience HD for under 1Mbps; or take it to the top at 8Mbps. LifeSize delivers the best performance at any bandwidth with Adaptive Motion Control for natural, uninterrupted communications.
• An embedded HD bridge that is not only the industry’s best, but a standard feature. No hidden costs. No surprises.

Audio Video Distribution   Go to Top

We can distribute your audio and video signals from any source at uncompressed levels and also allow you to watch different HD video stream in different rooms without compromising the quality of the picture or sound. You may be watching a movie in the office, you can pause it and continue watching it in office 2. Accessing your entire collection and playing your favourites is as easy as using an iphone!

Here are some of the features with your Multiroom AV distribution:
• Watch Sky HD from multiple offices
• Access to your music / movie / digital signage collection from multiple locations
• Access to your favourite content from multiple rooms
• Enjoy your Hi Fi / PA from multiple rooms
We can install waterproof television with HD quality so you can enjoy your digital content and signage outdoors, even in worse weather conditions!
We also install television which will turn into a mirror when not in use, ideal for commercial applications!

Latest Education Technology Solutions

Crestron’s Roomview ConnectedTM provides ideal Classroom and University Solutions!

Crestron RoomView Express support is natively embedded into select AV devices, such as projectors, to deliver built-in direct connectivity and control over the IT network. Directly connected to any compatible device from a laptop or computer for instant, intuitive control. No control processor or custom programming is required. RoomView Connected devices feature built-in instant help desk messaging and emergency broadcasting provide the safest, most secure classroom environment so teachers have the confidence to focus on teaching.

RoomView software is brand and model agnostic, so different device models may be replaced without any system reconfiguration or programming. Simply connect the new projector and Crestron RoomView automatically recognizes the device for immediate, seamless communication and control.

Get the full power of RoomView by connecting all classroom technology and environmental systems to Crestron control systems. Only RoomView connected devices or devices connected to a Crestron control system may be fully managed and controlled with Roomview.

"We evaluated several options and it was immediately clear that RoomView provides the most powerful, flexible network control possible. You can put an Ethernet port on a projector, but without the right software it's like a bridge to nowhere. RoomView integrates any brand of projector seamlessly and gives users a simple, easy-to-use interface." - Roger Carver, Manager of TI DLP Front Projection Business

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Crestron RoomView is now included free in select AV devices, providing reliable, easy-to-use control of ceiling mounted projectors directly from any connected laptop or web browser. No more hunting for lost remotes or standing on desks to turn on the projector. Simply use the mouse to point and click an icon on the Web-based control page to turn the projector on or off, select the computer or video source and adjust the volume.

You're not tied to any brand of projector. RoomView software is compatible with many popular brands, so different makes and models may be replaced without any system reconfiguration or programming. Simply connect the new projector and Crestron RoomView automatically recognizes the device for immediate, seamless communication and control.

You can even integrate legacy products that are not RoomView Connected devices.

Remote Management and Support

Crestron RoomView Express is now included free with select AV devices, enabling administrators and support staff to remotely take control of classroom technology, perform remote system diagnostics, track projector usage and lamp life and log network activity. Remote capabilities allow efficient scheduling of routine maintenance, faster response times to classroom support calls, and instant notification if devices are disconnected or unauthorized network access. For systems with more than 250 rooms upgrade to RoomView Server Edition.

Broadcast Messaging  Go to Top

RoomView Connected devices feature broadcast messaging capabilities, greatly increasing emergency preparedness. The software enables the creation and storage of instructions, safety protocols, images and animations, which can be displayed from RoomView Connected displays in any or all rooms. Custom directions can be distributed and displayed on a room by room basis, and emergency procedures can be reviewed, evaluated and perfected before a critical situation arises.

Save lamps; save energy; save money and save time. Automation features, such as "ALL OFF", significantly reduce energy consumption and costs. With built-in logging, report, and chart generation, RoomView also provides data that empowers administrators to make better purchasing and resource allocation decisions.

The integration with the Microsoft® Exchange Server provides flexible room scheduling in conjunction with MS Outlook®. Display room calendars, view availability status of all rooms to schedule routine technology maintenance or to schedule for classes or meetings.

Crestron uniquely blends lighting, shade and climate control to provide the most intelligent environmental control solution. When a classroom presentation begins, the shades can automatically lower, the lights over the screen turn off while task lights over student desks dim to create the perfect learning atmosphere.

Crestron environmental controls also maximize energy and cost savings. Add occupancy sensors to set back room temperature and turn off all electronics when the room is vacant. Crestron unifies communication among lights, shades and thermostats to optimize both energy conservation and comfort.

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Crestron’s Quick Media – ideal presentation system!

QuickMedia® transport technology streamlines presentation system design and simplifies installation by integrating 16 separate cables into a single CAT5-type wire. QuickMedia delivers the full-range of video including true HD; balanced and unbalanced, line and mic-level audio; and high-resolution computer signals - all over a single cable.

QM is perfect for lecture halls, boardrooms, banquet halls, auditoriums - any room used for multimedia presentations. QM solutions can even handle sophisticated rooms with an array of AV sources, multiple computer inputs and several input locations. These rooms may feature multiple displays including plasmas, projectors and LCD monitors with sound reinforcement and program audio outputs. These rooms are larger than basic iMedia™ rooms with cable runs over 300 feet.

SystemBuilder 2.0 includes the QuickMedia Wizard, which makes programming and system configuration fast and simple. An intuitive wizard guides you through the process, and drag-and-drop icons make it easy. QM rooms are all connected via e-Control® and managed with RoomView™ Enterprise Control and Scheduling Software.

Quick Media Boardroom Layout
A QuickMedia boardroom solution incorporating six QM fliptop boxes, a QM-MD8X8 switcher, a QM-RMCRX-BA, and podium control with an LC-1000 touchpanel.

Intelligent Lighting Control & Automation  Go to Top

Customlounge works with the leaders in commercial lighting controls – Lutron & Philips Dynalite.

A sophisticated lighting control system can provide significant cost savings. A variety of control methods present a solution to suit any setting, ensuring that energy is not consumed unnecessarily, while providing the user with complete flexibility and control over their environment. For more information, download our Office Lighting Energy Management brochure below. Philips Dynalite automation solutions are found in a multitude of environments from office towers to scientific laboratories, to sports fields and stadiums. Some featured case studies below provide different project scenarios.

Your workplace lighting could be impeding your business growth. In most office buildings, lighting accounts for 39% of annual electricity use. The figures climb higher in specialized settings such as healthcare facilities (43%) and hotels (55%). As energy costs rise, creating an energy-efficient workplace is top priority to every business.

Dimmers – saving costs for Businesses!

Begin with Dimming
Dimming your lights is a great start to saving energy. A single Lutron dimmer saves a business more than £50 (approx) annually (approx £5k saving alone for using 100 dimmers in a building), and our commercial dimmers are designed to last at least 10 years. Upgrading to dimmers not only improves the comfort of your space – it improves your return on investment as well.

Single-room Light Control

Installing single-room systems in heavily trafficked spaces increases your energy savings while enhancing a room's comfort levels. Additional installations like sensors can also be integrated with lighting to further curb operating costs. With occupancy and vacancy sensors, your system will remember the lights often forgotten by employees.

Total Light Management  Go to Top

A whole building solution helps companies reach full energy efficiency. The New York Times cut $600,000 from its annual lighting costs after installing the Lutron Quantum® system. After installing EcoSystem®, a Houston building saved $50,000 on its electric lighting bill, and saw a $16,000 reduction in air conditioning expenses. Reducing uncomfortable hotspots and glare also improves personnel's productivity.

Light control also decreases HVAC energy costs. Lutron shading systems reduce the amount of solar heat gain that enters a space while reducing glare. Shades can also be controlled by Hyperion™ to automatically adjust shades based on the sun’s position throughout the day based on the season and building location and façade.

Lutron’s dedication to reliable and advanced light control systems has produced innovative and effective solutions. Whether single rooms or entire buildings, Lutron finds the best balance between energy savings and beauty.

Dynamic Lighting - Bringing the benefits of daylight indoors!

The rhythm of day and night, the seasons and the weather create ever-changing light scenarios during the day. Dynamic Lighting is an advanced solution that brings the dynamics of daylight indoors. It creates a stimulating, ‘natural’ light that enhances people’s sense of well-being.

Benefits of Intelligent Lighting

Our bodies are affected by the rhythm of night and day. The dynamics of daylight sets our biological clock and influences our sense of well-being. Dynamic Lighting makes us feel good by bringing those dynamics indoors. People can control their own space according to their needs, mood and task, creating exactly the right atmosphere to improve performance and motivation.

How does it work?

The change of colour temperature and light intensity is achieved by mixing the light output of two different lamps using dedicated optic technology. One lamp has a colour temperature of 2600 K (warm white) and the other 5600 K (cool white). Changing the light output of the lamps means the colour temperature can vary seamlessly between these two values.

Architectural Lighting Control  Go to Top

A lighting control system gives you the power to transform a space to suit any mood. Almost any environment can be enhanced; retail, hospitality, galleries, museums, themed venues, lecture theatres, boardrooms, ballrooms and more. Our reputation in the field of architectural lighting control is second to none. From simple preset scenes to complex integration, Philips Dynalite is the first choice for many of the world's major hotel groups. Some of the world's most iconic buildings and landmarks feature Philips Dynalite systems.

A lighting control system gives you the power to transform a space to suit any mood. Almost any environment can be enhanced; retail, hospitality, galleries, museums, themed venues, lecture theatres, boardrooms, ballrooms and more. Our reputation in the field of architectural lighting control is second to none. From simple preset scenes to complex integration, Philips Dynalite is the first choice for many of the world's major hotel groups. Some of the world's most iconic buildings and landmarks feature Philips Dynalite systems.

Hello....Goodbye....Goodnight....the power behind one button...

The real power and benefits of home automation are realised when you implement whole home control, giving you command of all the systems in your home with one simple touch of a button.


You pull into the driveway after work knowing that your security lighting automatically turned on at sunset, not only safeguarding your home, but or office, providing you with enough light to guarantee a safe entry. You enter the front door with a week's worth of groceries, disarm the alarm and press a single button marked 'Hello' on the lighting control panel located by the front door.

With one button press you have lit a pathway to the kitchen - up the long hallway and past the living room - turned on the multi-room audio system to hear your favourite tunes and activated the air conditioner to set the house to the perfect temperature. Your home automation system does much more than provide safe access......it's your key to comfortable and welcoming environment.


You're running late, the dinner party started over an hour ago and you're the guest of honour! You like to be fashionably late but this is ridiculous.......the music is blaring and you've turned on just about every light in the house while getting ready.

But you don't need to worry, as you head for the front door, arm the alarm and press the 'Goodbye' button on your Dynalite panel. You continue to the car, knowing that behind you the house lights and music have turned off and the blinds and curtains closed. Of course, the security lighting stays on (who knows what time you'll be home?) and even simulates occupancy by switching lights on and off in different parts of the house at varying times.

Relax........and enjoy your evening!


It's late and you're starting to nod off reading a good book in bed. The kids have gone out and left the TV and lights on downstairs.......again! No need to get up, just press the 'Goodnight' button on the control panel located at your beside. The home theatre shuts down, the downstairs lights are turned off and the lights in the master bedroom dim slowly to off, allowing you time to settle in for a restful sleep.

Oh and don't worry about the external security lighting......it'll stay on all night so the kids can get in safely, then automatically switch off 5 minutes before sunrise ensuring you don't waste energy or money.

What Next?

There are some simple yet powerful lifestyle advantages in installing a Philips Dynalite system......comfort, convenience, safety, savings. The beauty of home automation is that it's as little or as much as you want it to be and it's as individual as you are.

Contact us today for more details.