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High End Boardroom Installs - Audio, Video, Control, Lighting & Hardware

We specialize in providing end to end solutions for boardroom installs, right from the hardware requirements to audio video distribution and their control via integrated control systems.

We design and install boardrooms that provide total control to the chairperson and enable all attendees to plug in their laptops and present on the main screen if necessary.

We can also inbuilt Video Conferencing into boardrooms where each member can contribute in the conference and chairperson can control the conference via their control touch panel.

Commercial Smart Grid Solutions  

We can integrate your back server with our award winning panels which not only allow other people to view that the room is in use or available, but they can also check availability and book through the panel – your backend servers will update automatically. When the room is occupied the above green lights will automatically turn ‘red’ so you can be assured that you won’t be disturbed.

When it comes to designing your boardroom, we partner with some great interior designers who can help design your boardroom. Get your design now!

Boardroom Lighting, Climate and Blinds Control

We can provide the total control of lighting, climate and blinds etc right into your hands so you don’t have to leave your chair. All these controls can be integrated into the chair person touch panel.

Lighting constitutes approx 39% of the energy bills for commercial companies. We help you reduce that bill by providing you dimmable lighting controls that not only increase the life of your lamp but also saves you thousands of pounds in energy bills.

We also install ‘PIR’ which is a motion detection device usually to switch off the lights etc if there is no occupancy. The technology does not stop there, we can also install ‘PIR’ in your boardrooms / offices which can be strategically placed so the outside light is automatically detected and therefore the inside room light is adjusted automatically e.g. the chair next to the window will have 25% dimmed light and chair furthest from the window will have 60% dimmable light, thus very intelligently saving you money on your energy bills!

Just like lighting and other control systems, we can integrate your HVAC / Climate or Heating into the control systems which again allows you to manage all these from a central location via your touch panel.



Integrated Control with Touch Panels Go to Top

From a massive hotel complex in London to a sports bar in the center of New York, every business needs a “control freak.” After all, there are raw materials, your budget, and a planet to save. CustomLounge can answer every question you have around commercial control, whether you’re looking for a robust system to support an expansive building or just a room within it.

On top of automating lights, shades, music, video, HVAC, security and energy, CustomLounge also gives you the ability to control it all from a secure, back-end system. Better still, it’s not just affordable—it’s intelligent. Because our commercial solutions can easily integrate with your existing business networks and enable communication between devices from virtually any manufacturer, we ensure that you experience bottom-line benefits sooner rather than later.

All touchpanels design can be branded and designed bespoke to your requirements.

Boardroom/Conference Room Automation

To ensure a meeting runs seamlessly from beginning to end, our control solutions maximize your communication experience in your meeting by automating and controlling environmental controls like HVAC, window treatments, and lighting presets, audio / video equipment like projectors and projection screens, DVDs and VCRs, microphones, cameras, speakers, computers and internet access, and electronic voting with our range of Touch Panels.

Training Facilities/Distance Learning Centres

Whether a corporate training is local or has participants and presenters from remote locations around the world, we provide solutions to automate and control the electronics and content needed for world-class corporate education.


In larger auditoriums or theatre-style presentation facilities, it is important to manage the challenges that come with large presentation venues. Our control systems can control and automate the acoustics and sound systems, microphones, cameras, lighting, and other equipment involved with a speaker’s presentation, projecting the speaker’s message to the audience, allowing audience interaction, and the climate of multiple areas or zones of an auditorium.


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