We understand how important the design and architecture is to the architects, and we will work with you to ensure that we provide you the most advanced automation technology without compromising your design.

In addition to the bespoke solutions, we also have standard automation packages to suit your developments, which provides you cutting edge technologies and increase your profit margins at minimum cost.

In addition to Residential and Commercial market, we also work with Architects working in the specialist markets like Schools, Hospitals, Student accommodation, Universities, Schools, Government offices etc.

Our Residential solutions are specifically targeted to New Build and Renovation market, which offer hassle free, easy to use, and cost effective total home automation solutions.

Our Commercial solutions are mainly aimed at Commercial developments for Residents, Shopping Centres, Universities, Schools, Hospitals, and Museums etc.

We help you communicate Automation benefits to your clients!
As an Architect, in order to install automation technology and for your clients to pay for it, you need to ensure that your customers are aware of the value they are going to get for their money. We will communicate all these benefits for you directly to your customers, we have also got carefully written targeted brochures that will give a good insight to your clients.

We also get involved with Architects at tender writing (ITT / PQQ) stage to help you bid for your tenders thus forming a part of your tender writing process. We have in house expertise for bid writing so we can add tremendous value to your tender / bid at very initial stage.

We will communicate every minor detail to ensure that your clients understand the true value they will get out of their investment. Give us a call now on 08453082473 and we can discuss how our services can add value to your projects!

Staff Training
If you have a sales staff that sells your properties and services to your clients, then we can train them to ensure that they are fully aware of the benefits and value they will get out of the automation technology solutions included. Find out how!

Demo / Showroom Facilities for you and your clients
If you would like to see how the Automation Technology can integrate with your Audio, Video, Security, Heating, Lighting, blinds etc. then please contact us and we will arrange for you to visit one of our manufacturer’s showroom with us. We have showrooms available in most part of the UK.

If you are an Architect based outside UK then we can arrange for a visit in the showroom in your own country (subject to availability)

You are welcome to bring along your clients and show them the technology first hand – we can even have a manufacturer representative at hand with us to provide an expert opinion.  Call us now on 08453082473 and we can start arranging a visit for you straight away!

After Sales Support

We like your customers to enjoy their control and automation system as soon as they enter their homes. We create a handover folder for your each customer, which will consist of the CAD drawing, operating manuals and instructions etc. for the prospective homeowner to operate their new technology. They will also have a number for our technical helpline, which they can call if there are any issues. We will provide your customers with a secure and friendly service, giving them constant help and support. To find out more about our After Sales Support contact our team and we will happily talk you through our services. 

Professional Project Management!
All major projects are led by experienced Prince2TM accredited Project Manager which is regulated by The Office of Government Commerce ( PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a process-based method for effective project management.

All deliverables are quality assured and a regular reporting is provided for the project throughout the project lifecycle.

Implementation / Installation
The installation will consist of 2 stages:
1. First fix – wiring, led installation etc.
2. Second fix – Mounting of AV equipments, Load controllers, wall key pads, integrated control and testing

Commissioning / Programming
Once all the devices are installed, we will programme all devices to work in synchronisation with each other so your customers can control them via the integrated control system. We will also customise the functionalities how you would want them to work e.g. Home Cinema button will dim the lighting or initiate mood lighting, bring down the projection screen, fire up your projector and ready to play your favourite movies from your media server or simply an ‘All Off’ button which will switch off all the lights in your house (may be except Porch) and activate the Security Alarm.

You tell us what you want to do with that push of a button and we will programme it for you!

We provide full handover to your end clients and also provide onsite training to ensure they are fully comfortable with the technology we have installed. Give us a call now on 08453082473 and a memeber of staff will happily discuss these services with you.
Support and Guarantee
Our custom installation work is fully guaranteed for 2 years and the equipments we supply have the guarantee of 1 to 10 years dependent on the manufacturer and type of equipment. We backup all the programming we do for all our projects and in most cases we can provide remote support. We will also provide full back up in any unfortunate situation and restore all programs for your client on their remotes and keypads as they were. Get in touch to find out more about our support packages.

We are keen to do an outstanding job for your clients and grow with your partnership. We rely heavily on referrals which is why we aim to the best job possible and put you in a position where you can recommend  Customlounge as the NUMBER ONE custom installation provider.